Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hide workflow in Alfresco Share

To hide a workflow in alfresco share application, add the workflow name in the workflow configuration section in the share-config.xml file.

<!-- Workflow config section -->
   <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Workflow">
      <!-- A list of workflow definitions that are NOT displayed in Share -->
         <!-- Hide all WCM related workflows -->
         <workflow name="jbpm$wcmwf:*"/>
         <workflow name="jbpm$wf:articleapproval"/>
         <!-- Hide publishing workflows -->
         <workflow name="activiti$publishWebContent"/>
         <workflow name="jbpm$publishWebContent"/>
         <!-- Hide invitation workflows -->
         <workflow name="jbpm$inwf:invitation-nominated"/>
         <workflow name="jbpm$imwf:invitation-moderated"/>
         <workflow name="activiti$activitiInvitationModerated"/>
         <workflow name="activiti$activitiInvitationNominated"/>

        <workflow name="activiti$YOURWORKFLOWNAME"/>
      <!-- A list of workflow tasks that are NOT displayed in Share  -->
         <!-- Hide all WCM related tasks -->
         <task type="wcmwf:*"/>

After doing this, restart your tomcat.
Now your workflow will not be displayed in the alfresco share workflow dropdown.

Thanks !

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