Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How to configure Alfresco WebDAV with windows client machines

Alfresco WebDAV

Alfresco provides WebDAV in two different ways.
  • Browser Based - Read Only
  • Folder Based - Read & Write
Browser Based To access the browser based WebDAV, then use the below syntax Syntax:
You will get logon screen, enter your credentials to access Alfresco WebDAV. Once the authentication is successful, you will get Alfresco Repo details.
Folder Based Configuration for Windows 7 Client machine:
  • Step 1: Registry settings
    • Open Registry Editor (regEdit from run).
    • Navigate to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameters
    • Look for BasicAuthLevel.
    • On the Edit menu, click Modify. In the Value data box, type 2, and then click OK.
    • If BasicAuthLevel? is not found create one and enter the value as 2.
    • Save and exit Registry Editor.
    • Restart your machine.
  • Step 2: Service Settings
    • Ensure, webclient service is running on the client machine(Windows 7)
  • Step 3: Map as Network drive
    • Open up Windows Explorer and click "Map network drive"
    • Enter the UNC path of Alfresco WebDAV in the Folder textbox
    • \\localhost@8080\alfresco\webdav\
    • Enter the user name and password to validate your authentication
In some cases, we might need to connect the Alfresco WebDAV on a server OS like Windows Server 2008 R2 . For example, from one of the production server to test or QA server.

Configuration for Windows 2008 R2 Server
  • Step 1: Install Desktop experience from Windows Features.
  • Step 2: Check and update for Windows Registry Settings. Refer Configuration for Windows 7 Client machine step 1.
  • Step 3: Check for WebClient? service. Refer Configuration for Windows 7 Client machine step 2.
  • Step 4: Map the Alfresco WebDAV as network drive. Refer Configuration for Windows 7 Client machine step 3.
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