Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Alfresco Stores

Alfresco Stores

The following stores are supported by Alfresco.

  1. workspace://SpacesStore
  2. archive://SpacesStore
  3. workspace://lightWeightVersionStore (Old)
  4. system://system
  5. workspace://version2Store 
  6. user://alfrescoUserStore
Each store has it own features and properties.

workspace://SpacesStore :: This is the main and working node and this metadata of the active nodes in the Repository. 

archive://SpacesStore :: Whenever a node is deleted in the Repository, the metadata of the deleted node will be moved to archive store. 

workspace://lightWeightVersionStore :: When the versionble aspect applied to a node, the versioning history will be stored in this version store.

system://system :: It is used to store system related information like installed modules etc 

workspace://version2Store :: This is very similar to lightweightVersionStore and it uses the version2 store implementation.

user://alfrescoUserStore :: Users and their preferences are stored into User Store.


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