Saturday, March 11, 2017

Installing Alfresco Content Services 5.2 on Windows 7

Here are the step by step information and screenshots for Install Alfresco Content Services 5.2 on Windows 7 machine.
Step 1: Double click “alfresco-content-services-installer-5.2.0-win-x64.exe” and you will get below screen and select your installation language and press OK. I selected as English.

Step 2: Press Next.

Step 3: Read the license agreement and accept it. If you’re not happy with License agreement, then select I do not accept the agreement.
Step 4: Select Advanced Installation type.
Step 5: Select the desired components for your installation.
Step 6: Select the desired installation directory or leave it to default.
Step 7: Select the database (default Postgresql) port
Step 8: Enter tomcat server port details.
Step 9: Enter / change the LibreOffice Service port