Friday, June 30, 2017

Extracting war files in Windows 7 without renaming (without 3rd partly tools)

Some times, we need to extract war files in windows 7 machine using windows explorer. For this, we need to rename the file *.war to *.zip .

We need to windows machine, use compress folder option for .war files by using below command.

assoc .war=CompressedFolder
Now you can see, the *.war file icon changed to compress folder icon and you can extract the files without renaming (*.zip) and extracting them or no need to use 7-zip or any other tools.

Step 1: Open command prompt in admin mode.

Step 2: Execute this command assoc .war=CompressedFolder

Step 3:You can extract *.war files by right click + Extract All command.

Similar war, you can associate , jar and ear files using this assocation as mentioned below.

assoc .jar=CompressedFolder
assoc .war=CompressedFolder
assoc .ear=CompressedFolder

Happy coding !

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