Sunday, December 3, 2017

Xamarin iOS namespace / class name prefix details

Recently, I'm focussing on Xamarin development for iOS and Android.

Here are some of the Xamarin iOS namespace/class name prefix details.

AVAudioPlayer - AV means Audio Video
ABAddressBook - AB means Address Book
CBCentralManager - CB means Core Bluetooth
CFSocket - CF means Core Foundation
CLLocationManager - CL means Core Location
EKCalendarChooser - EK means Event Kit
EAAccessory - EA means External Accessory
NSCache - NS means NextStep
GLKView - GLK means GL Kit View
GK classes - GK means Games Kit
MKMapView - MK means Map Kit
MPMediaPickerController - MP means Media Picker
PKAddPassesViewController         - PK means Pass Kit
QLPreviewController - QL means Quick Look
SK Classes (SKRequest) - SK means Store Kit
UI Classes (UIAccelerometer)      - UI means User Interface
Ad classes (AdBannerView)         - AD means Advertisment

I hope this will help someone to understand the namespace/ class name prefix.

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